annjee teo (b. 1999) is an artist / researcher / paintmaker based in singapore.

drawing inspiration from the various ethnographies and histories in southeast asia, her research is focused on enigmatic stories and the interdisciplinary currents involved in art creation and critique.

inspired by the whimsicality and relatability found in abstract artistic influences and concepts, she hopes to use fine art as an accessible force for social change.

annjee also enjoys exploring the sciences involved in artistic processes,
and the delicate chemistry involved in creating paint from scratch.

forage & forge paints is the intersection of where her passions lie -
an interdisciplinary project focusing on the materiality of artisanal handmade watercolor paint. you can check out some of the work here.

     © Annjee Teo 2021
The artist would like to offer her sincere thanks for checking out her work. Thanks, you! :)